Voiceover showcases

I’m often asked what a good Voiceover Showcase should include – how many demos, what styles etc. Whilst there’s not a hard and fast rule there are some do’s and don’t’s. Don’t include a style that doesn’t suit your voice. If your voice doesn’t lend itself to hard selling for example, there would be little point in including that. Do have as many different styles on your showcase as possible, then when a job comes up, you can send an appropriate demo to the client, rather than asking them to imagine your voice doing a particular style. When I recorded and produced all Take 3 artists’ voiceover demos, we did just 3 per artist – a soft  sell, a more enthusiastic or quirky read, and a corporate. I would say that is the bare minimum. If your voice lends itself to other styles such as narration, commentary, character voices, comedy, regional and foreign accents, then you should try and include those. Studio time and editing  is expensive, you want to maximise your time there, so be prepared with all your scripts and delivery, and get as much variety as possible. It’s your shop window – nobody buys from a shop with a poor display.