Tracey Ullman

There’s no doubt that she’s talented, her characterisations and impersonations are brilliant, so much so that I found myself asking who the guy was playing the failed entrepreneur! But having watched the Tracey Ullman show for the first time yesterday, I had to conclude that she’s not well served by the 6 writers she’s employing. Some very corny material, very repetitive catchphrases – especially the northern business woman’s  “cut me and do I not bleed…..” It’s bleeding repetitive.

The show has a feeling of being locked in the 80’s, the kind of show we’ve seen many times before.  And please, no more canned laughter, it’s awful. Once you tune into it, it’s SO annoying! Get a real audience in – it really makes a difference.

I think Tracy is capable of a lot more. If her show is re-commissioned I would suggest she  finds some new writing talent – it would be nice to see her bleeding some new blood into her show.