words words words…

Looks like I’m going to be a talking Dictionary – just the 22,000 words to record! And just recorded a really nice voiceover for a Documentary on the Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, or the ODK as we in the trade call it, in India.  Should be a nice film.

Come dine with me voiceover

Well the audition was liked, and they’ve got back to book me for a session tomorrow. Just seen the script, and thinking that an hour of doing the strained performance that is the Come dine with me voiceover could leave me without a voice!! We shall see.

Busy week….

Voiceovers can certainly be a famine or feast business. This week was quite a productive one …..repeat business from Airbiotics; then a quick turnaround job for a voiceover about teaching software; another rush job for a Belgian company, and finally the promise of a  Come Dine with Me take off – the audition turned out better than…

Tracey Ullman

There’s no doubt that she’s talented, her characterisations and impersonations are brilliant, so much so that I found myself asking who the guy was playing the failed entrepreneur! But having watched the Tracey Ullman show for the first time yesterday, I had to conclude that she’s not well served by the 6 writers she’s employing. Some very…

A true gentleman…..

So sorry to hear about the passing of Terry Wogan –  I had the pleasure of working with him a couple of times. He was just as he appeared on the screen – charming, funny and a real gentleman. A sad loss to the broadcasting world.