War and Peace

Loving the Series on BBC1 – beautifully filmed and some excellent acting. Just had my own little fling with the Russian language doing a voiceover for the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. Some very challenging pronunciations. Did I learn anything? Well, Da and niet!

Another great talent gone

Same age, same illness, within a few days of Bowie, the great actor Alan Rickman leaves the stage. A superb character actor, always a great performance from Truly madly deeply to Love Actually, Die Hard and Harry Potter. Another sad loss for the Arts world.

Voiceover Course

So this week shortlisted for about 4 voiceovers, quite a few auditions and took a one day voiceover course too. A return visit – always nice to know that they enjoyed it the first time!

virtual reality voiceover

Busy few days. I was asked to do a voiceover for an experimental media co. in Canada, a piece from T S Elliot’s Burnt Norton,  from his 4 Quartets work. Very challenging! Live link up with Canada at D Studios in Leamington which went well. Just finished editing and it’s done. Made a change from the normal…

Voiceover showcases

I’m often asked what a good Voiceover Showcase should include – how many demos, what styles etc. Whilst there’s not a hard and fast rule there are some do’s and don’t’s. Don’t include a style that doesn’t suit your voice. If your voice doesn’t lend itself to hard selling for example, there would be little…