Spring has sprung……

what a lovely morning – sun shining, birds tweeting, weeds growing…….time to sow some seeds of advancement perhaps, and book yourself on one of my Introductory Voiceover Courses. The latest dates for the one day voiceover training are:

Saturday 16th May London

Saturday 30th May Leamington Spa

Saturday 20th June London

If you want to find out more information go to Big Mouth’s website at http://www.bigmouthvox.com or ring me on 07598 492802.

I’ve now got a voiceover to do for an old client – repeat business is always nice. I did 3 auditions yesterday – one which involved playing male and female tortoises – I gave the lady tortoise a brummie accent which seemed to work well, and the male sounded like my alter ego ‘Neville’….shall wait to hear back from the client – let’s hope they have a word in my shell like….