Voiceover recording at home

Technology is a double edged sword. It can do the most amazing things, and it can waste a lot of your time. How many hours have we all spent trying to sort out why a computer programme no longer works after upgrading to the latest OS? A mobile phone can be a blessing and a curse too. Sometimes such an invasion of your privacy – just when you want some quiet ‘you’ time, off it goes with one of those infuriating cold canvass calls from a PPI company. Grrrrr!

Technology in the recording world has changed so much. Now you can have studio quality recordings at home, for a nominal investment in a good computer, quality microphone, good pre-amp and a quiet room.

This week I’ve been busy doing voiceovers at home for a few companies – some quite challenging and technical in themselves. It’s not often I get a script that amazes me, but it happened this week. A brilliant concept, which for professional reasons I can’t divulge, but it was and is a genius concept which demanded quite a lot from the voiceover. We all like a challenge though don’t we? And hopefully most of us rise to it.